Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Herman Cain Inspires Arizona GOP Voters

On Monday night, October 17, 2011 Herman Cain spoke before a receptive audience of 1000+ people gathered inside Phoenix Convention Center’s South Ballroom. Although interrupted by frequent and at times thunderous standing ovations, Mr. Cain’s speech covered topics of concern for all Americans including the economy, jobs, energy, and national security with an emphasis on identifying and solving the ‘correct’ problem in each area. He explained the details of his 9-9-9 plan as well as how it would affect the economy especially job creation. He emphasized that 9-9-9 is only part of his recovery plan to be supplemented by deregulation and spending cuts especially in government agencies such as the EPA.

Mr. Cain spoke eloquently of his foreign policy philosophy. He said his philosophy is to clearly identify America’s friends and enemies and deal with them according to clear cut policies which he will put in place with the help of subject matter experts. He identified and proclaimed America as an exceptional country, a message that clearly resonated with and delighted the entire audience as indicated by their thunderous applause and shouts of approval.

Mr. Cain concluded by reminding his supporters that although he is ahead in the polls, he is still the underdog when it comes to campaign fundraising. He exhorted his supporters to remain informed, involved and inspired about the issues concerning the country and of his campaign. He encouraged his supporters to donate whatever they can, as these donations although small will be in large enough numbers to catch him up to other candidates and make the critical difference in the success of his campaign.

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