Up Coming Events

Upcoming Events

The Arizona Republican Party WelcomesHerman Cain!
Date:Monday, October 17, 2011
VIP Reception: 5:00-6:45pm
Dinner: 7:00pm
Location:Phx. Convention Center ~ South Ballroom
33 S. 3rd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Due to the overwhelming response, the Arizona Republican Party has moved this premier event to a larger venue. This will allow YOU to purchase a limited number of tickets. Due to limited seating, all RSVP's must be RECEIVED IN OUR OFFICE
no later than 5:00pm Oct. 14th
If you have any questions please call (602)-957-7770
Proceeds to benefit the Arizona Republican Party's March to Victory 2012!

Contribution Amount


Please Visit The Website to Purchase your Tickets:

Future Potential Events For the Street teams:

Arizona State Fair

 Local Fundraising Dinners


Social network membership serves a purpose in maintaining cohesion and high spirits in our efforts to ensure Herman Cain becomes our next President. However, many of us may wish to escape the confines of the internet and collaborate with fellow supporters, in person and out in the "real world". This group is being established to facilitate efforts in this regard.

We basically have two prominent vehicles on the internet through which we can use to facilitate local group action. One way involves Social Networks (such as Facebook). The other way is with MeetUp. Let's begin with a brief introduction to MeetUp.

MeetUp is the ideal way in which we can facilitate such endeavors, as its entire mission is to steer people into "real world", group activities. It is the perfect tool for coordinating events.

In researching the availability of Herman Cain MeetUp groups, two links of value were uncovered. The first is: http://www.meetup.com/HermanCain/?see_all=1
. Although I cannot confirm at the time of this writing, this page, which lists numerous Cain MeetUp sites around the country, is likely an official product of the Herman Cain campaign. At the time of this writing it lists numerous available slots for new MeetUp groups. The arrangement of this page implies to me that the Cain campaign is subsidizing the cost of any new groups arranged through this page (not verified at the time of this writing). If setting up a MeetUp on this page is indeed free, it would constitute a removal of a sizable hurdle for many people. The establishment of a separate and independent MeetUp group, from scratch, costs a bit.

The other MeetUp link of interest includes some groups which seem to be independent of a connection to the official Herman Cain campaign (not 100% certain of this). The link is here: http://herman-cain-for-president.meetup.com/
. It shows my own group, which is itself an independent venture ( http://www.meetup.com/Central-Florida-for-Herman-Cain/

Despite the sterling qualities of MeetUp, at the time of this writing (October of 2011) the number of Herman Cain MeetUp groups is small. I believe there are two major reasons for this. First (in my opinion), people spend most of their time on Social Networks such as Facebook. MeetUp is a bit obscure or is not in the forefront of most people's minds when they consider campaign involvement. Therefore, they do not explore MeetUp's possibilities. The second reason I see for the current low number of groups is the startup fee which will be encountered if one contemplates an independent venture. People are not aware of Cain campaign subsidization of MeetUp groups (if this is indeed going on).

Our second vehicle for facilitating group action involves Social Networks. Even though various Social Networks exist, for the sake of this discussion, we will focus on Facebook. This has a benefit of being free and quite prominent. And it also has tools which can be used to roughly mimic many of the capabilities found in MeetUp.


In view of the preceding, I would like to put forth a step-by-step procedure for using the internet in establishing local groups for face-to-face meetings with fellow supporters.

I would urge that this formula be followed in a precise manner, in order to ensure uniformity throughout the country. Although it is suggested that you create both a MeetUp group and a parallel Facebook group, it is understood that you might only wish to do one group, at least in the beginning. If given a choice on what to set up first, I would suggest Facebook.


A. MeetUp

1. Create a MeetUp group through consulting either of these two MeetUp links: http://www.meetup.com/HermanCain/?see_all=1
; http://herman-cain-for-president.meetup.com/
. You could also consult the main site: http://meetup.com/
. We would urge that you select a name like: "XYZlocale for Herman Cain". Go to the "Read More About Us" tab on the left side of your MeetUp page and be sure to add a link to your corresponding Facebook group, once it is established.

B. Facebook

1. Next, set up a Facebook group and select a name which includes the specific trailing word as shown in this example: "XYZlocale for Herman Cain (Meetings & Talk). The name (excluding the trailing text) should match what you have in your MeetUp group. Use of the word "MeetUp" instead of "Meetings" might have greater appeal, but excessive use of it might infringe upon the rights of the MeetUp company.

2. In setting up your Facebook group, be sure to go to the "Edit Group" option and write a group description. Include with this a link to your Meetup group if you have one.

Although a group description may be visible to as person who has just discovered a group, once they join, it seems to disappear from view. If anyone knows how a member can still see a group's description, I would welcome their insights. Until then, I will proceed with the understanding that the descriptive information remains invisible to group members. This is unfortunate, for a description may contain pertinent information which members may wish to periodically consult.

3. Next, look for the "Create Doc" option to the right of your group page. Create a document and include within it your group description and perhaps any additional information which you wish to be available only to members.


The next step is to get active members of your Meetup and/or Facebook group. Although seeking out members via the internet is a given, you will have a greater chance of finding people with a strong propensity for taking action by attending a local Tea Party meeting, Republican Party meeting or talk Radio station event. Simply go to these events, set up a table and recruit members.


Next, whenever you have an event (see IV, below), simply use the "Create Event" option on the right side of the group's page in Facebook and/or use the event announcement option in MeetUp.


Finally, we get into the meat of things. You simply need to exercise your creativity and develop activities within your community to promote the Herman Cain campaign. It is hoped that in this group we can discuss and share various options. In fact, that is the MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS GROUP. Therefore, we would urge that all posts in our group be limited to group issues and that members PLEASE avoid posting the usual videos, news links and so forth. Such information may be found in abundance within other Herman Cain Facebook groups.

Use this community to self-organize Herman Cain Supporter Meetups! We'll be posting themed Meetup Days as well, so stay tuned!

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